Monday, April 30, 2012

Creative Writing Teachers REJOICE

Remember the good times we had watching "Pop Up Video" on VH1 (or am I totally showing my age...?)  The VH1 site has an option to make your own Pop Up Video subtitles tosome popular videos-  but that might not work for most (read 'all') classrooms.... An alternative I found is the "Pop My Video" app, which is one dollar and tons of fun.  Pop My Video is a fun app that lets users add pop-up bubbles to the videos on their iPhones, iPad or iPod Touch devices.  Same concept as "Pop up Video", but use your own content to create the pop-ups. If you remember the music videos from the past, the pop-ups contained extensions of the content or secrets you might not know while watching the actual video.  What a great way for students to extend their knowledge and make otherwise dry topics more exciting. And it’s only a Dollar… Pop My Video is an Erela, Inc. App. All rights reserved 2011   Sandi Dennis, Media and Instructional Technology Specialist, City Schools of Decatur, GA