Saturday, April 14, 2012


Pearltrees is a FREE online collaboration and organizational tool that provides a structure for teachers or students to gather, share, and organize resources.  Your links, or “pearls”, are connected into  “trees” and can be easily embedded onto a website, blog, or Facebook/Twitter account.
I quickly searched and found fantastic pearltrees for DISCOVERY EDUCATIONTEACHER TECHNOLOGY,APPSPROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT, and numerous other topics.  The search box in the top right will open up many trees for you.  You can “team up” with others and collaborate on a pearl tree.  If you find a tree that interests you- click it, then send a request to connect to that tree’s owner.
Your delicious bookmarks may also be imported with one click to form a tree that can be edited and re-arranged.
How to get Started: Create a free account and I suggest the video tutorials on You Tube.
Pearltrees would be a nice presentation tool for professional learning, or a great product for student use.  (Note: My district’s filter blocked the site due to the “social network” sharing feature.  I have requested an un-block!)
Pearl Trees Basics
Post tiny URLs of your pearltrees below so we can connect!
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