Friday, September 28, 2012

Evernote to Tame the Purchasing Paperwork Beast...

I am hopeful that by scanning in my mountains of invoices and paperwork, I can create a paperless purchasing system. Supposedly, each invoice will become a searchable document and I can sort by date, vendor, purchase order number, or even keyword.  Why, you ask, would I want to do that?  I'm often asked to produce an ancient, crackling, dusty invoice.   On numerous occasions, it has actually been located in my mega-notebooks--I have a second desk in my office to hold the mega-notebooks. 

Digging though mountains of paperwork and lifting mega-notebooks is no fun when I'm wearing a super-cute new outfit with sparkly accessories.  And we don't have jeans day very often around here, when I would be appropriately dressed to dig, so I need a new dust-free, manageable system.

Nerd Alert: I ordered a new Scan Snap two-sided color scanner last week.  I got the S1300i model, in case you were wondering.  It arrived today- and I am now entering the details into the Fujitsu website to get my free year of Evernote. (you have to buy a Scan Snap scanner from a list of qualifying models).  Yes, I actually research and compare scanners in my free time, and I once attended, on my summer vacation, an actual real live informational session about scanning.  Knocked my socks off.

Intrigued and ready to shop?  When purchasing your scanner- be sure to read the fine print regarding scanning two-sided, scanning one sheet at a time or "stacking" multiple sheets, etc.  The least expensive model obviously has the fewest features.  And I am aiming for increased productivity- not something that slows me down. 

I will take great notes regarding everything I do.  One of my actual, documented, bona-fide  professional goals this year is to learn the ins and outs of Evernote, and move purchasing to a more paperless system while assisting others in doing so.  I'll be training the other media specialists soon. I really never figure a topic out until I train someone else, so please hang on while I go forth and share.

For now- you can complete step one:
Step one- go to the Fujitsu site and choose a scanner, then apply for a free year of Evernote Premium!  Offer expires November 1, 2012.  If you missed the freebie, just order Evernote on their site and pay for it- no pouting- it's worth it. 

I'll post updates as I learn more about the process....