Thursday, September 13, 2012

Scootpad- Free Common Core App

Our mission is to fundamentally change how students master foundational skills.
At ScootPad we believe no two students master a skill the same way. Every block of new information needs time to get absorbed in a child's brain. No matter how students are introduced to a skill (teachers, books, videos, games etc.), ScootPad enables mastery through gradual and thorough practice which is personalized to each student - rather than providing a quick fix for problems and gaps.

Personalized practice drives accelerated learning and self confidence in students. One student and one classroom at a time, our goal is to give students around the world a solid foundation in Math and Reading.

Our Commitment to Students: To enable fun, exciting and challenging learning environment.

Our Commitment to Teachers: To enable fully automated practice/homework, real-time progress tracking and in-depth assessments so you can enhance your instruction and provide on-time intervention. Most importantly we will save you time so you can focus on teaching!

Our Commitment to Parents: To provide real-time visibility to your child's progress and proficiency. Most importantly we will make you aware of your child's learning needs so you can help at the right time!