Friday, November 5, 2010

From Animoto to Zamzar - freebies!

For classroom projects-

Animoto -Education account you get unlimited all access pass w approximate 100 logins. Create  generic student email accts to get logins. - record a sound and voice moves with audio.
Can use cell phone to upload recording. Accounts are free but you cannot download projects. Great for activboards. Random name picker.
Language arts- essay graphic organizer. Cheeseburger graphic organizer. Diagram for science Allows students to make animated video and also has teacher account- make student accounts. Glog is an interactive poster.see "brown tree snake".
Can embed youbtube videos also.before nov 7 you can get 100 free student accounts.

Http:// New stories myths and legends Cliffs notes for new generation online.

Http://museum virtual box for presentations. Alternative to book report or power point.

Http:// make movie posters, magazine covers, badges, billboards, etc. Awesome

Http:// make a screen and people can text answers to your screen using cell phones.
Click "make a screen, g messages".

Super hero factory. Http://
Makes little comic book kids can download. Even for just making cover for comic book.

Tut pup. Online games online /- compete w other kids for math and spelling across the world. Australian site so kids need to understand aussie accent. photo editing, logos, webbtemplates

Twiducate. Like Twitter for educators. Like a blog. Students have own twiducate accounts.

Delicious. Everyone needs a social bookmark organizer. Pamelapj to follow the presenter of this session 30 responses free to troubleshoot other people's computers remotely. Send email to person needing help, they click link and click run, then click around on computer and screen recording is made. Audio is also recorded if microphone is attached. converts movies to other file extensions. Link will be emailed with new file.

Open source software like free Photoshop
Http:// Will convert movies for use in windows movie maker or for blackberrybor cell phone

Great blogs to follow
Http:// Richard Byrne from Maine. Will also send email with updates daily.