Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tammy Worcester's Best Sites for Interactive White Boards 2010

Fun Games/Activities
Toy TheaterLearn, create, play
Dotty DotsInteract with words
Little Animation for KidsSongs, stories, and more...
Pauly’s PlayhouseGames galore! (Also check out the laboratory)

Content-based Games/Activities
AmblewebClick the “Interactive” links at the left side.
Sheppard Softwarehundreds of games, activities, quizzes...
Little FingersGreat interactives for young kids
Science NetLinksDozens of interactive science activities
Arts AliveMusic games / compose songs
Thinkfinity InteractivesTons of activities for all ages

Teacher Utilities
Spinners, Gameboards, Diceat Unpractical Math
TripticoDice, name-pickers, spinners, word magnets, and more
Calculatorat Pauly’s Playhouse
Online StopwatchCount-down clock and stopwatch
Random Name PickerA fruit machine will pick a word from a list

Using PowerPoint with your IWB
UNCWDownload PowerPoint games
Whiteboard RoomDownload PowerPoint resources

PowerPoint files Created by Tammy:
Predict a picture/book cover PredictionIWB.ppt
Choose Own Ending Story ChooseEndingIWB.pptSpelling Practice SpellingIWB.pptx
Magic Box MagicBoxIWB.pptx