Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tammy Worcester 2010 Best Tech Tips for Teachers

- On Tammy's site- go to "Training and Handouts" tab for handouts for this year's sessions.
Online Tools
Web 2.0 Tools
Control+ E = center

Building Healthy Bodies- Power Point Person

- Use Power Point for Photo Editing/ save as jpeg
- Power Point- Building Healthy Bodies-- Blank Slide for slide 1- add rectangle on left. Put title of project (Select box, Control+ shift - tap greater than symbol to enlarge text.) Slide 2- Control+ d = duplicate. Make 4 rectangles. Print- cut around each shape. Person shape after glued together.
- Printing options in Power Point- Print as a handout- smaller person.

Make your own Personalized Sticky Notes using Power Point
- Power Point- Page Setup
- 7.5 / 7.5 size
- Duplicate slide 4 times- Print as handouts- 4 slides per page
- Print on regular sheet of paper
- Put blank stickies on top of paper- put back in printer and print again

Power Point Slide Show- "Who Am I" activity
Clues- Slides reveal part of picture
Add picture- cover with rectangles
Duplicate slide

Communicate/Collaborate tools:
Faculty Meetings, etc.
Today'sMeet = create a chat room on the fly-- 
Teacher can feed in questions and students can answer them - discussions, pen pals, etc.
Give students the address and they can join instantly

Classroom Management:  Random Name Picker--

Communication/Collaborative Tools:

Today’s Meet
Create a chat room on the fly. No logins required!

Google’s Blog-Creation Tool

Google Docs
Free, web-based, word processing, spreadsheets, & presentations

Classroom Management Tools:

ClassTools (Random Name Picker)

Online Stopwatch
Large-screen stopwatch or countdown clock

Organizational Tools:

Organizational tool and citation builder

Organizing/Sharing Bookmarks:
Shorten multiple URLs
Other similar tools:

Similar to, but requires and account and allows edits

Icons of websites organized in folders.

Organize weblinks, images, pdfs and more in folders:

Creativity Tools:

My Avatar Editor
Create a cartoon representation of yourself!

Online paint/draw tool for students w/ great gallery

Create word clouds in shapes

Jam Studio
Music-creation Tool

Turns your computer keyboard into a piano keyboard

Virtual Keyboard
Another piano/keyboard option

Songs to play on virtual keyboards:

Timesaving Tips & Tools:

Google Search Options
Do a Google search and then use options at the left to filter results.

Google Language Translator
Now will SPEAK the translation!

Google Alerts
Google will send you an email when it finds new info!

Google Custom Search
Create your own search tool!

Computational Knowledge Engine

Skitch / Jing*
Easy screen capture plus lots more!  (Mac only)

Allows you to save and organize notes, screen shots, images, websites, and then
syncs with most smart phones and mobile devices.

Evernote Tips & Stories

  1. *Requires a download

Shortcuts/ Tricks

Tabs in browser
Control/Command+T = New Tab
Control/Command + Shift + T = Opens last closed Tab

Atomic Web app for iPad provides tabbed browsing!

Firefox - Showcase plugin shows thumbnails of all open tabs.

Just for Fun!

Icon Scrabble
Converts letters of text into icons

Create scrolling text

Take pics and add filters from a webcam and a browser!

I Can’t Find my Phone


Buillding Healthy Bodies