Thursday, November 4, 2010

Leslie Fisher - Great Sites Gadgets and Tech Products For Everyone! 2010

Jonathan Coulton- technology singer-
Leslie Fisher-

Cool Web 2.0 Sites- 

  •  Great way to sign up for an event online.  Can process credit cards and accept donations.  Manage Recurring Events.  Prints Name Badges and Administration.  Free for free events.  Also manages waiting lists, etc.
  • Google Voice- Sets up universal phone number-- Attach your number to it.  Delegate numbers you call to ring to multiple phones or go straight to voicemail.  Voicemail to do text transcription as well as SMS and email.  Integrated w/ GMAIL now!
  • Send your travel iteneraries to from your signed up email account.  It will create an itinerary for you!  Share w/ friends or print itinerary.  
  • will send text to your "to do" web page-- $3.00 for 10 minutes 
  • - grab notes w/ camera from cell phone, etc. and upload
  •  set up free account- broadcast video.  Great for absent students - they can watch your lessons.
  • 2 free gigs online backup
  • Cisco Media Hub
  • Apple Time Capsule- paired with Time MAchine for hourly backups
  • Orbicle Undercover- -- $49 -  will take pictures of person who has your Mac laptop if it is stolen.  Will turn volume up to MAX and yell "STOLEN"!
  •  12.95 per month
  • Art Explosion- $199.00

Digital Camera Fun-

Sound and Video and TV-

  • Cable drop- but no TV assigned to it--  use a USB Television Card  Pinnacle PCTV HD Pro Stick
  • EyeTV Hybrid-  
  • Sling Media- Now works with HD, Wireless, Most any configuration-- iphone app to watch shows via wifi on phone or Touch  $199-299
  • Netflix Streaming- Now on Roku box, PS3, Wii
  • HULU- Commercial sponsored streaming of TV, Cable, Networks
  • Boxee-  like Face Book for media-- share media w/ friend list
  • Universal Remote-- $250 Logitech Harmony One or $499 for Harmony 1110 (touch screen)

Going Portable- Music-

  • 7 hour battery
  • several textbook publishers have announced they are going to the ipad
  • proloquo 2 go  - great for special ed app
  • star walk
  • istudiez pro
  • NewsRack-- 3000 RSS feeds
  • Instapaper
  • GoodReader
  • ipad wireless microscope-  430.00
  • Document Cameras- IPEVO Point 2 View USB (1.5 pounds)  $70.00- great portable solution
  • Lumens Ladybug- $300.00 smaller red flexcam

Out there Geekyness-

  • Gowalla- allows users to create new locations 
  •  solar powered charger
  • power charger
  • Just how old school are you?  $134.00 makes MP3s out of old LPs or Cassettes
  • pen w/ video camera/ audio recorder
  •  great wireless remote./mouse
  • Think great geeky T Shirts, etc...
  •  great computer bags