Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Patrick Crispen's Most Useful/Not So Useful Sites of 2010

Duarte Blog

Tired of PowerPoint? Check out Prezi. This Flash-based online visualization, storytelling, and zooming presentation editor lets you quickly and easily create dynamic presentations. Prezi offers a free “Edu Enjoy” account to educators that lets you make your presentations private and removes the Prezi watermark from those presentations.

The easiest and fastest way to share files between computers as well as to backup your files online, Dropbox is a free program that creates a new “dropbox” folder on your computer. Anything that you put in that folder is automatically backed up to and to the dropbox folder on any other computer on which you have installed the program. Dropbox runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, and iPhone and the free, basic account gives you 2 GB of space.


Xtra Normal


Wolfram Alpha


Know Your Meme

Krebs on Security
 Wired Magazine’s Feburary 2010 profile of Cheezburger Network at

Created by the folks at Getty Images, Moodstream is a free site that combines images, video footage, and short snippets of audio clips to create a screensaver-type environment within your web browser. You can customize the experience by mood or click on the presets wheel.
Finding how-to videos on YouTube is often a hit-or-miss proposition. That’s where Howcast comes in. The site has over 100,000 semi-professional, high quality how-to videos on topics ranging from ‘how to connect your laptop to your television’ to ‘how to drive a stick shift.’ Warning: Some topics may not be safe for work.

Cheezburger Network


Cooking for Engineers



GameTrailers- great for parents who are buying video games for their kids...

Hate the touch-tone labyrinth most 800 telephone numbers make you go through before you can speak to a real, live human being? This constantly updated website tells you which buttons to push and even what your estimated hold time will be.

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