Thursday, November 4, 2010

Great i touch / i pad apps -- Leslie Fisher

Misc Tips—
Hold home button/ tap power to take screen shot- will be kept in photo library
Tap on “from”- scroll wheel will come up for all email addresses on your phone
Jewelers Loop- Bring up URL and tap and hold

Fun 4.0 things:
Re-size photos and emails now
Can put folder into dock- drag to dock
Game Center- -  online games
ipads-  Golden Master-  Just released  IOS4 for ipad soon
Lists in time order when apps have been released.  Can search for ipad or iphone,  education search, etc.  Supports RSS feed—Will get digest of items released that day.  App Community

Cool/Productive iphone/ touch apps
  • Built in Calendar- bad except on ipad
  • SaiSuke!  Plug in to Google calendar- make calendar private, then login to google calendar
  • Evernote- Note syncing – notes sync to
  • Ipad - SoundPaper—has record button at top of note paper
  • Tap in your notes, it will play back the audio portion where you tap
  • Twitter-

USTREAM-- viewer, recorder, broadcaster-- all free-- need account to post and stream.
Whistle Phone- Brings calls to your ipod
Line 2- gives your phone a second number-- can set up a phone tree -- even an 800 number.  9.99 per month if you want to keep using it.
Loopt- can ping someone and find their location
Around Me- Mapping Applications--
Geocaching- Find Caches, etc.
i-Finder  -  helps people who get lost.  Breadcrumb trail to where you are so you can get back.
Motionx GPS Drive -- 2.99

Just for Fun Apps
Shazam - free-- identifies any song that plays
Sportacular Pro - Up to minute scoring, fantasy football help, game reminders
Slapdown-  One app per week
Yelp-- Food/Food Service Reviews.  Tap nearby and it will show you restaurants and ratings nearby
Fast Food Premium- 
Viper Smart Start- For your car-- will lock / unlock and pop trunk/ start car
Deposit Mobile- for depositing checks
Red Laser- Scan barcodes and get pricing and comparison
Babelshot- Take a photo- item will be translated and it will also be read aloud
Jibbigo English Spanish- Speech Translator
Run Pee Mobile- Tells you which point in the movie is safe to run.  Even gives you text of dialogue you miss while gone
Ipad apps (games for fun)

2screens presentation app
People Magazine App
USA Today
Time Magazine

Webers on the grill- recipes w/ video, cooking calculations/ timers, etc.
POI Viewer- Point OF Interest -- worldwide map.  Upload and view
Education Apps by
OCARINA- iphone is a pan flute
ABC Animals
Writing Apps-- storykit for ipad-- make a story book, iwritewords

Iridium Flares
Mathboard K-6
Convert- Unit COnverter
Milly and Molly Q Books-- Variety of Languages- can read along
Flashcards Deluxe