Sunday, June 24, 2012

60 IN 60

Today's ISTE hands-on workshop is called "60 in 60: 60 Web Tools in 60 minutes".  However, the class is three hours long.  Is that 180?  ....I digress...  It's still a great compilation of ideas and resources from Philadelphia's Brandon Lutz.

60 web Tools in 60 Minutes ISTE Workshop Cheat Sheet

1.     Videolicious
three steps to edit a video clip taken with mobile device

2.     Prezi
presentations - engaging

3.     Poll Everywhere
free text polls

4.     Edmodo
parent and student learning portal

5.     Present Me
slides + video - simple sharing

6.     Flubaroo
Google docs automatic assignment grading add-on

7.     Gooru Learning
search engine for learning- beta

8.     Spelling City
add spelling lists, play games with words 

9.     Kid Zui
filtered for kids

10.  Little Bird Tales
draw or scan images, create a story with audio

11.  Star Fall
great primary phonics/reading

12.  Hippo Campus
learning tutorial videos pulled from variety of sources

13.   Course Hero
mostly free college courses and other courses with learning paths

14.  Math Train 
math tutorials

15.  Side Vibe
web quest with video on left and instructions on right- same page

16.  Jog the Web
social bookmarking site that allows website to launch in a frame 

17.  Hackasaurus
html code source remixer  

18.  Simple Meet
quick chat room with no user names

19.  BlockSite (Addon) Firefox
Firefox add-on allows blocking of certain sites locally

20.  Class Dojo
classroom management- iphone and ipad compatible with reports and parent access

21.  Mail Chimp
 easy email newsletters template site

22.  Drop Box
online file sharing

23.  dushare
send items in zip format using a hyperlink

24.  iBooks Author
Apple Lion ipad books only- create virtual textbooks

25.  Remind 101    http://remind`
text message your class using a computer where people sign up on their own & opt in

26.   Duolingo
spanish skill tree- foreign lang education  

27.  Boom Writer
writing grades 4 up, free educator account, writing prompts and class books

28.  Scrible
take an article from web and annotate it, add notes, get unique url to share it

29.  Paper Rater
writing is scored, given word count info, suggestions,  and checked for plagairism

30.  NBC Learn
archives from NBC is paid, free has great teaching support clips

31.  SpeakPipe 
add voicemail link to your blog or site (see right side of my blog and send a message to me!)

32.  Capzles
images organized and shared on social, web, email and a comment component to collaborate

33.  Docs Teach
high res images from national archives- use to create  lessons and activities, email component

34.  Useful Charts
 anything charts

35.  Desktop QR Code Reader
scan qr codes with computer webcam

36.  QR Stuff
laundry list of items you can embed in a qr code

37. QR Voice
 embed your voice or computerized voice message in a qr code

38.  ptable
interactive periodic table with wikipedia/podcasts/etc. embedded

39.  screenr
instant screencasts

40.  anymeeting
 web conference hosting- up to 200 members free

41.  Jeopardy Labs
set up quick jeopardy game

42.  Study Blue
interactive flash cards and app or web based

43.  Pearltrees
 visual bookmarking sites- check out the 60 in 60 section

44.  Spaaze
virtual cork board

45.  Free Sound
free sounds to use in podcasting video editing, etc.- BUT anyone can add a sound- beware

46.  Vocaroo
 voice recording

47.  ifttt
if > then -social sites connect together-- post to posterous and it will tweet this for you

48.  Blabberize
make a picture talk like jib jab

49.  PhotoSynth
 shoot wraparound panorama photos

50.  Jelly Cam
stop  motion photography site - download to desktop

51.  ToonTastic
cartoon maker 

52.  Producteev
all mobile devices and computer- keep track of tasks and priorities - integrate Google cal

53.  Reflection
reflect ipad or iphone to desktop.  trial is 10 minutes free 

54.  Tweet Chat
 concept of twitter but not real twitter- hash tags, etc. for groups

web page creation for students using info and pics they collect

56.  Sumdog
math games with competitions, kids have secure accounts and compete 

57.  Smore
new- newsletter site just out of beta-  

58.  Pinterest
post links to images - social sharing or presentation planning

59.  Mentimeter
 free easy audience response system

60.  Incredibox
create a cool beat  - can also save sound for podcast or video using screenflow

61.  SURVEY Please click this link and share your thoughts!

Note: Screen Flow lets you record audio internally in computer, not externally through speakers.  99.00 cost
Try this with GPB Georgia History videos that can't be downloaded.