Monday, June 25, 2012

There's an App for That! Finding Real Solutions with Today's Apps (Version 2.0)

There's an App for That! Finding Real Solutions with Today's Apps (Version 2.0) is presented by some heavy hitters-- Gail Lovely, with Chris Betcher, Hall Davidson, Steve Dembo, Carol Teitelman and David Warlick

Here are some highlights-- 

Session description and presenter bios:
Having a variety of points of view, areas of expertise, and experience, this panel of experts will share applications and tools for meeting typical classroom challenges.
A real world challenge e.g. a class of 5th graders struggling with math facts will be addressed by multiple panelists. This will provide more than a list of applications. Context, purpose, and strategic use for applications or resources shared will be embedded in the responses by the panelists.
While likely to be a lively, fun session, this is not merely fluff. There will be content in context and a website to support the use of information from this session after the session ends - the web link for the session with all the information will be updated by the presenters. Here's the link! .
The moderator will share a real-world educational challenge with the panel. The panelists will share an application or technology-rich strategy for tackling the challenge.
Challenges will include topics such as encouraging collaboration in the middle and high school years, digital storytelling for the reluctant writers, vocabulary development for ELL students, developing fluency in reading, and more.
In addition the moderator will solicit additional scenarios from the participants as well as additional apps which could help to meet the challenges posed.
Supporting Research
Material which is presented with context and meaning to the learners is much more likely to be learned. (Functional Context -
Presenter Background
The moderator, Gail Lovely, has been involved in educational technologies since the beginning of time (1980). She has worked with learners from age 2 to age 72 and in schools from Head Start to Graduate School, with computers from TRS-80s to iPads. Gail has developed and presented unique professional learning experiences to help teachers meet the needs of their learners using technologies in powerful ways.
The panel is made up of esteemed educators who have more than 100 years of experience combined.
Hall Davidson began his career as a math teacher. He has vast experience in video production and in video as a tool for teaching and learning.
Carol Teitelman began her educational career in special education. She is an expert in distance learning and video conferencing.
Steve Dembo was a kindergarten teacher before becoming a leading expert in technology integration.
David Warlick worked for nearly ten years as a middle school social studies, math, and science teacher. David is an expert programmer well-known for his prolific blogging and his expertise at describing the implication of emerging technologies in the classroom.
Wes Fryer teaches at University of Central Oklahoma and is a digital storytelling expert.
Chris Betcher was originally trained as an art teacher. He currently provides ICT Integration support at an R-12 school in Sydney, Australia.