Saturday, June 23, 2012

Discovery Education Sneak Peek- What's New in 2012

There are many new potential features for Discovery Education coming up-- disclaimer: some of these items could change, but here are some cool new features planned by the developers: - webinars- Site Enhancements last year 2011-2012 Improved Administrative functionality Updated classroom manager Updated student center / customizable Sneak Peek- coming at the end of the summer... 1-Streaming- Looks more like student page now. organized by grade level, will remember selections you previously made. Core subject areas show up first. 2-Main My DE Page- Changes will have your profile up front, preferences, activities, twitter and facebook feed, more social media, personalization. Nothing is gone, just cleaned up and organized. Blogs, webinars, items most accessed, my content, etc. 3-Search Results- When you search by subject (like multiplication) you will now get a mixture of resources... writing prompts, sounds, images, etc. Formerly you saw full videos and had to scroll through to see other media types. Limit resource types on the left side of the screen. 4-Player- This area had the most refinements, new player, easier, faster. Nothing has been deleted, only a different look and feel. Mac users no longer have to select Quicktime. Mobile devices are automatically detected now. "Like" button. Comments can be made about resources and instruction. (adults not students). Easier to share on social media-- Edmodo, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. People have to be subscribers to view. pops up as a new window. Scroll over pop up window is now gone. My content-Quick Link -- a small plus is available to mark itms into a "quicklist" to come back to later. Quicklist appears at bottom of the screen. Closed Captioning- still available By July 30 changes should be out. August and September will have several webinars online to help users.