Saturday, June 23, 2012

Great Web Tricks and Classroom Tips- Lance Rougeux

Great Tips and Tricks from Lance Rougeux from Discovery Education.  Lance is 101% engaging and fun - a DO NOT MISS if you ever have the opportunity to see him present.  He represents Discovery Education well!
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Instead of just showing a video segment- try the AEIOU strategy - Tell students before watching the video they will need to AEIOU.

 Adjective- find an adjective in the clip and be ready to share Emotion- how does it make you feel Interest- what is interesting Oh!- what makes you say oh Ummm? - what question do you have -

MadPad- Remix Your Life Record sounds on the ipad and make music with text bytes - - - timer that allows you to hve an alarm, stopwatch, or timer that will pull a youtube video symbaloo

Tagxedo word clouds in shapes great blog to sign up and read- great word cloud generators or fake facebook and fake tweets thincanimoto