Monday, June 25, 2012

ISTE 2012 Exhibit Hall Trip #1

All I can say about the exhibit hall is- overwhelming.   SO MUCH MORE THAN FREE PENS AND STICKY NOTES!

Some cool things I learned-
 Saw COOL ipad stands/ holders for student desks with supply holders built in- clear lids to see what's inside.  This is the company- the new stand should be on the site soon:

 Won a site license for is great software to use with our students- woo hoo! NewsMaker 
 Super cool printer die cut machine thingy from "silhouette" company. 
 Smarty Ants K-2. 
Teacher social network- wowzers math games - grades 3-5. 
 Simple k12 (I love my subscription to this site). to another session now!