Tuesday, June 26, 2012

7 New Things to Try with Video--From Hardware to Apps

Hall Davidson is the godfather of Discovery Education.

7 New Things to Try with Video--From Hardware to Apps

http://linkyy.com/mdla create a media festival! steal this featival - california student media festival. mediafestival.org click steal this festival. all should be submitted online. paperwork etc all online. find judges off site. get donations. get presenter ribbons. have a red carpet and a limo to drop kids off at door of auditorium, loop around and keep dropping off. make directors cut, outtakes, etc make video game movies!

1. Microscope available from Amazon.com (approximately $3-$4, plus attachment ($0.80).
2. Video from Jing, a free flashbased screen capture software whose settings can be modified for direct feed (of student in costume, for example) into Google Earth.
3. Use of Google Search Videos (free) as tool to assess student search strategies by a teacher in class or remotely.
4. Saving PowerPoints as jpg's then importing into PhotoStory (free), iMovie (free), MovieMaker (free) to be transformed into videos with students narrate---this assesses their understanding of the material previously presented by the teacher. This video assessment can be done in class or online.
5. By using the Air Sketch app (free - $1.99), "whiteboard" work on tablets (iPad will be used) can be displayed on projector, screen captured and used as tutorials, remediation, assignments.
6. Mobile chromakey app (Green Screen app) will be used to make location based quizzes where student insertion of teammate into correct video shows understanding.
7. With a simple connecting cord, often already at schools, an old camcorder--even broken- can serve as webcam or document camera.
8. Selection and "best choice" of video capture software CamStudio (free) for PC and QuickTime (free) for Mac and it's ethical use.

Presenter Background
Presenter Hall Davidson has been working with media for teaching and learning for thirty years at the classroom, district, regional consortium, and national level. Through leadership in the California student media festival, he has seen and evaluated hundreds of student and teacher media projects each year for more than a dozen years. He has produced videos and professional developments in media content creation for two decades, including a PBS-affiliate broadcast program that earned an Emmy. He has presented at local and national conferences since 1982, including a keynote at NECC (ISTE).