Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fire Up with Google Sketch Up

Google SketchUp is a 3-dimensional modeling software that is free to anyone. http://iste2012.org/profile/rebeccastacey

streaming notes---  free version or pro version for real graphic designers support and resources: lynda.com 3dvinci.net support.google.com/sketchup you tube teaching applications- make setting of a story make animation of a scene in literature use model from 3d Warehouse quick notes from the how- to session: When sketch up opens, you will choose a template in metric or standard. person who appears initially is named Susan. She stands at the origin, marking this important spot. She also gives us perspective. she is about 5'6". she is standing in the middle of nothing make a platform for her. lower left of screen gives you tips as you select tools and draw. hover over green axis to draw initial rectangle platform, select opposite corner and lower right corner of screen tells you how big the rectangle will be. type in measurements dimensions 15', 15' enter. push pull tool- to make room. bring tool over platform, make room 10' grab orbit tool, (blue arrows) and turn object. hand tool is pan tool. scroll inward to get inside room. select pencil and draw rectangle onto outside wall to draw window. right click it and. lick erase. or, click paint fill bucket and choose translucent. or choose glass. move tool (red arrow plus) takes a face and moves it and all connected faces. copy side wall, click option and plus sign appears to move a copy of the face. type in a specific feet to move it out. the color of protractor determines axis- copy, rotate and spin roof to connect to garage wall. steps: select roof, get rotate tool, pull down on blue axis, click far corner, click corner closest to me, click option on mac, plus sign appears,drag copy. red arrow move tool, click and hold on roof on blue axis drag up for roof. orbit- make door to garage. go to camera- standard views choose iso and it helps show what you've done also- magnifying glass w arrows - zoom extense view- toolbars- large tool set text flag "extruded" means three dimensional animating your creation: window menu- scenes to create animation click plus, enter text, close. tab appears at top and continue entering tabs. view- animation- play. file- export- animation. or desktop capture is better quality. make sound in movie program. Using SketchUp, students can bring their dream designs to life, from their dream home to a deep-space probe. Not only can students directly apply Geometry, Physics, spatial sense, Algebra, art and design principles, and more, but they can see and share their results with an audience. SketchUp is a high-interest, high task-commitment tool that works for male and female learners!

Participants in this session will view student-created products related to Math, Science, English, Art, and Social Studies. They will learn how SketchUp can be used across the curriculum to boost student interest in the subject matter. We will then discuss some of the toolboxes and plugins that extend SketchUp toward specific purposes (Sketchy Physics, the Sandbox, etc.)

Participants in this presentation will learn and have the opportunity to practice the basics of SketchUp, including creating 3-dimensional shapes, connect 2-dimensional planes/faces, importing components from the 3-D Warehouse. Those who are experienced in SketchUp will be encouraged to produce a simulation with Sketchy Physics.

People will be encouraged to share their models via the 3-D Warehouse to see how students can get feedback on their work.

ISTE Discussion here: http://iste2012.org/forum/topics/fire-up-with-sketchup