Monday, June 25, 2012

Extreme Web 2.0 Makeover: Education Edition by Steve Dembo

Everybody loves Steve Dembo.  He's a firecracker and a great presenter.  His formal job is at Discovery Education- but he is an all-around-great-guy who can help you with any technology question. 
His session is called Extreme Web 2.0 Makeover: Education Edition.
Here are a few highlights: Class Dojo - is has been shared numerous times here at Iste- definitely great and definitely user friendly behavior management software. Students can enter themselves using a secret code and they also have an ipad app coming soon. Posterous- email subject line will be post title instant blogging no computer necessary blogging in general gives you a great sense of audience, teaches basic skills for what we do and do not post, etc QR codes-- take seconds to make, give you super cool status points! Put QR code on newsletter. Students can make QR codes. infographics